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Heavy Mediums is kind of like a record label. A record label interested in all forms of creative expression.

We're in the process of reorganizing so, please pardon our mess. Speaking of mess, how about these last 18 months right? The irony of the "pandemic era" is that it has caused, or perhaps catalyzed is the better word, a lot of reflection on what we're here for and out of that a refocusing on the things we find essential to life. Things like music, art and literature, for sure, but more closely, a search for experimentation in these realms. There is a lot of "same old" out there, and while we are great connoisseurs of the classics, we're interested in the future. For example, as much as we're lovers of vinyl recordings, we're also into digital art and the emergence of the nft. You could say we're involved in an oddball curation of the past and the future. That sounds pretty hoity toity doesn't it. That's a fine old phrase, so we'll take that too.

So Cheers! And don't hesitate to reach out for networking and collaboration!