The Nice To Have

The musical beast known as The Nice To Have is the perfect kind of artist for Heavy Mediums. His songs are all over the place in the most beguilingly and beautiful way. To call it absurdist is as trite and narrow minded as calling it avant-garde - yet both are perfectly apt descriptions if that's the way your doorbell dings. The truth is, there is nowhere to put this music besides into your ears , and in complete fact, we would be doing you a disservice by trying to convince you that anything about way The Nice To Have approaches songcraft is something we can prepare you for. You're on your own. Don't forget water and snacks.

The Nice To Have has been playing and recording music among the pollen crusted trumpet vines of Austin, Texas for decades. He has worked with a veritable whose who of Austin underground artists and bands going back to the early 90s. But lets not get into that just yet. Focus people. The time is now. Ah ah ah - look at me. Stay present.

"Gift Basket" / "Words Hat Crow" - Split Single  

Side A: Gift Basket - The Nice To Have

Side B: Words Hat Crow - Brute Florist

Two genre straining songs that almost universally elicit tilted heads, quizzical facial expressions and short, far away phrases like "Er, I don't know what I think about this" and "No, leave it, I need to hear where this is going." and "Who is this again?"

Download the digital release via Heavy Mediums on Bandcamp!

Upcoming Q2: 7" vinyl release!

The eponymous first EP by The Nice To Have on Heavy Mediums. We are intensely giddy about this release. What we have here is kind of a suite. Presented as a single track, the four movements glide, then pull, then yank you buy the scruff down an alleyway that literally nobody knew was there. Head on over to Bandcamp and see for yourself... if you dare!