Brute Florist

Brute Florist Arranges For You

WARNING: Brute's recorded material is currently being re-organized! We're toiling furiously on this so do check back shortly for links to a buttload of new hotness. 

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Musician Visual Artist Producer/Engineer Field Recordist ◉ Poet ◉ Arranger ◉ Sculptor ◉ Digital Artist ◉ Creator

Like an Audio/Visual Bruce Lee - his is the style of no style. Some might say too much style. As if that's a thing. 

The sounds of the Brute Florist are a perfect example. His works arrive in wax sealed bottles from distant stations: field recordings of endangered species, soundscapes from cities that no longer exist, simultaneous multi-cassette tape loop experiments, epic psychedelic doo-wop anthems, electro-rock juggernauts and etherial meditations on life and consciousness and love. To name a few.

His visual art spans a strange expanse between unaltered photos of unusual fragments frozen in time to highly bent video constructions incorporating his original art and sounds. 

You could discover Brute Florist through any of these alleyways and many more and then bask in hectares of sheer delight as you delve deeper into the catacombs of the creative mind of Brute Florist.