Lee Ahlbrandt

CDs Have Arrived ◎ Vinyl Release In The Pipeline!

Lee Ahlbrandt ◎ Singer-songwriter ◎ Austin, Texas

Lee's songs range from poignant and heartbreaking to otherworldly and beguilingly strange. We are proud to release "First Time Slow Second Time Drunk" in a splendorous, beautiful vinyl record package.

There is an important detail about the making of this record that we and Lee feel is important to share: Lee is battling brain cancer.

This album is the culmination of an intense, 6 year collaboration with producer and artist Brute Florist. While the songs span the progression of his cancer, the center of this project is not cancer. It is song-craft. Stories with rithyms, melodies, harmonies, soliloquies

Brute Florist and Lee turned a living room into an analog recording studio based around 4-track reel-to-reel (Beatles yo!) They met regularly for recording sessions despite everything life and the pandemic threw at them. The result is a sonic chapter-book that is gorgeously raw, beautifully scarred and as ancient as forevermore. It's impossible and unwise to pigeonhole these songs into a genre. They transcend by far the simple sum of cosmic country, folk, rock, 90s emo, and psychedelic. This is a life laid as bare as a mirror into which we cannot help but gaze.

UPDATE: The vinyl Kickstarter campaign was fully funded! We've completed the mastering, graphic design and ordering of the vinyl! We've received and started distributing backer rewards including CDs and t-shirts!

Check out the album cover mockup and pics of some of the awesome bonus items for backers of the Kickstarter...

If you'd like more info on the project or, or to contribute your own way, feel free to hit us up on the contact page.