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Hi, I’m Dan Crandall.

I have been a Graphic Designer for over 20 years. I started out designing posters and CD cover art for bands and "zines" in Austin, TX back in the early 1990s. Later, I "went pro" designing brochures and print layout projects for an Austin marketing firm. Since then I have designed graphics for websites and social media, logos and branding elements, print-on-demand (POD) products, eBooks, white papers and much more. And yep, plenty of graphics for musicians. In fact, musicians today use the same marketing channels and techniques that your business does.

I have always loved the challenge of creating designs that deliver a potent message. My work is informed by a strong background in digital marketing and my long obsession with how art is used in advertising. While the goals of design have become ever more interesting over the years, one thing has remained the same: my job as your designer is to ask the right questions, understand your needs and deliver work that achieves your goals and exceeds your expectations.

Why Are My Fees So Low?

I am a "one-man-band" operation with nearly zero overhead. As such I have almost none of the expenses of traditional design firms. Moreover, gig sites like UpWork take as much as 20% in fees, so you end up paying more even for a novice designer. I can charge substantially less than traditional design firms yet still make a fair wage for myself. But more importantly, you don't have to choose between paying bloated fees or settling for shoddy, inconsistent work. That's a win-win.

I Deliver Top Quality, Affordable Work By Keeping My Client List Small

Does that seem like a contradiction? It actually makes a lot of sense. I prefer to work with a small pool of clients and keep them happy, and they keep coming back. This allows me to deliver high quality work at a very fair price. My clients tend to be small to medium sized businesses, bloggers, writers, eCommerce sites, content creators, entrepreneurs, etc.

If you've come to this page through my ads or marketing, it means I'm actively looking to add another client or two. If you've reached this page through a referral or search, don't hesitate to contact me. Depending on the nature and frequency of your projects, I may very well be able to accommodate you.

What about a "one-off" project? Hit me up and lets get you on the schedule. I'll make sure you're so pleased with the result you'll spread the word.

How Much Do I Charge?

My fee is set by looking at the details of your project and presenting you with a proposal. (Don't worry, it's a quick process.) I typically charge 30%-40% less than most agencies. If you have recurring work, I'm more than happy work out a deal and a schedule with you. If you need something super quick, I offer a rush fee to bump your work to the front of the queue.

What kind of work do I do?

I can start with your existing graphics, or create bold new designs from scratch. The following list will give you an idea work I regularly do.

Lead magnets and marketing assets ◉ Crisp headers, website graphics and photos ◉ Business cards, letterhead and other "branding pack" items ◉ Social media graphics & content ◉ Press kits (print and electronic) ◉ Eye catching logos ◉ Clean, professional email templates ◉ Ebooks - including cover design and full interior layout in any publisher format ◉ PDFs for print or fully interactive and clickable for digital distribution ◉ Attractive infographics and sales "one-sheets" ◉ Original photography and photo editing ◉ Creative graphics for print-on-demand products (t-shirts, mugs, pillows, etc.) ◉ Source and format stock photography & video ◉ Posters, fliers, etc.

Scroll down to see detailed examples from my portfolio!

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Graphic Design Portfolio

Website & Social Media Graphics

A prospective customer's first impression of your website header and graphics instantly determines how seriously they take your business. Obviously you want to look a crisp and professional as possible. The same goes for your social media graphics. When they look well done and deftly represent the story you're trying to tell, people will feel comfortable engaging with your brand and taking the actions you present them.

The headers and graphics bellow were created from a combination of stock photos, original photography and well matched fonts. Images and graphics should enhance the site content. A well chosen stock image can amplify the text and emphasize feelings like humor, sympathy, elegance, and community. In each of these examples I chose images, fonts and graphics that serve the content and style of the organization.

PDFs For All Occasions

The PDF is has long been the currency of marketing and information. They are used both for generating high quality prints and as interactive digital brochures with clickable links, embedded videos and other engaging content. A well crafted PDF can be an indispensable part of the education stage in your marketing funnels. They can also be a "one stop" doc for disseminating a collection of related information and links. White papers and marketing lead magnets are also common. The applications are endless for businesses, educators, marketers, non-profits, churches, artists and musicians, service organizations...

The examples bellow represent both print and interactive digital PDFs for a variety of applications: printed fliers, electronic press kit (EPK), interactive infographics, and white papers. Another popular use of the PDF is for distributing eBooks. I'll be addressing those specifically in the next section.

eBook Design & Layout

The eBook is an incredibly versatile and popular format. Obviously they're a great way for authors to distribute their work via popular formats like Kindle, ePub and PDF. But, businesses and organizations use eBooks as assets to educate and provide value for their clients and potential customers.

Some great examples are: converting blog posts into an authoritative guide or "how-to" for use as a lead magnet to incentivize email list sign-ups, publishing a white paper to establish yourself as an expert on some facet of your industry, creating an informative guide for a niche related to your business, or writing a cookbook.

The sauerkraut cookbook project highlighted bellow was created from a series of blog posts. We cleaned and organized the text and expanded with additional content. We wanted it to have a clean, fun look with great photo, a comprehensive table of contents and a references section. We also bundled it with membership in a private Facebook group where Sauerkraut enthusiasts can connect, trade recipes and troubleshoot. I designed the cover, shot and edited many of the photos, created the layout, worked with the authors to develop the structure, created matching social media graphics, and consulted on marketing.

Print-On-Demand Product Graphics

Print-on-demand (aka POD) products have been around for quite a while, but in the last several years the array of items you can print has has become really exciting.

Beyond the standard mugs, t-shirts, and mousepads, you can print your custom graphics on hoodies, wall canvasses, a huge array of garments including "all-over-print" items like leggings and aprons, hats (both printed and embroidered), phone cases, shower curtains, journals, postcards, wall canvases, shoes, bags, jewelry... the list grows everyday.

You can use POD products for contests & giveaways, uniforms, branded merchandise, holiday gifts... you name it. People build entire businesses just around selling POD products. I've been designing for POD platforms since they first came on the scene, creating graphics for clients as well as my own products. The photos bellow highlight a number of recent examples.

Logos & Branding

I create eye catching, meaningful logos and branding elements to make everything from your letterhead to your website pop. I can modify your existing logo, or design a new one from scratch. I have created branding elements for a wide variety of businesses: medical practices, eCommerce sites, dance studios, blogs, musicians, you name it. I have studied (some would say obsessed upon) logo design for many years. A great logo should be immediately readable, eye catching, and should convey in an instant the essential qualities of your business.

The logos bellow represent a variety of organizations ranging from businesses to blogs. In each case the graphics are clear, relevant and convey a clear message about the personality of the organization they represent.

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