Vinyl Records Forever

Vinyl Records Forever (aka VRF) is a collaboration with Fernando Carpenter and Brute Florist. Fernando is known in the Bay Area as the former owner of Vamp Records & Art in Oakland, CA. Brute is a vinyl fanatic and one of our Heavy Mediums artists.

At our vinyl popups we sell an eclectic mix of high quality records, both 12" and 45s. We also sell a choice selection of vintage and vintage inspired clothing as well as other odd bits and bobs.

Another tasty bit of our signature sauce is that we also DJ from our own stock - and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Our mix is always eclectic like our tastes, but we're also very into working with the vibe. And yes, you can hire us to DJ your party or event! If this interests you, lets talk and see if we're a good fit. Contact us here.

In addition to our own admittedly superlative DJ chops, we also have guest DJs dropping in to keep it fresh. We aim to do the same with our stock of records by collaborating with other local record stores and purveyors of fine vinyl! Viva Records!

Check the calendar for more info! ◉ Contact here to colab!

VRF Calendar

We're currently working on setting up our very own Vinyl & Vintage monthly market! This is going to be fun and super exciting! Stay tuned...

VRF Blog

July 14th, 2022 - We're Popping Up at The Mohawk!

That's right! We'll be at The Mohawk Garage Sale market on Saturday August 27th! We're excited to get back to onto the market scene, and we've got a bunch of new stock in the 12" vinyl boxes! We will also have some great clothes and interesting kitsch items on the table. Come check it out!

April 10th, 2022 - New Market, New Vinyl Stock & A Great Summer Ahead!

As you may have seen in the calendar section above, we're extremely excited to be working on putting together our own Vinyl & Vintage market! We have some superb vendors lined up, and are talking with a couple of possible venues. This market will probably start off as a once per month event. Once it's going and we have our sea legs, we'll look to expanding to more days and possibly additional venues. Stay tuned!

We recently got a great deal on some awesome vinyl stock! We got haul of around 100 12" records, mostly vintage and all of the titles are great! The trove includes a bunch of Harry Belafonte, several Barbara Streisand, some classic Texas acts, and just a bunch of unique records, all in excellent condition! They're in the boxes just waiting for our next market!

We're really stoked for this summer. It's looking like a mostly covid free time which is a huge relief! In addition to the cool stuff we have brewing for the record store, there are some really cool projects happening for our record label Heavy Mediums. We've got a Kickstarter campaign to press gorgeous, color vinyl copies of "First Time Slow Second Time Drunk" by Lee Ahlbrandt. We're positively giddy about that! Also coming down the pipe is a very cool cassette project by Brute Florist called 4 Barrel Loop Engine. Look for more info on both of these projects in the coming weeks!

Until next time, keep spinning and have an awesome spring!

February 4th, 2022 - We Launched A Record Store Pop-Up And It Actually Worked!

We had our first pop-up at Austin Chic's awesome market at 7th and Cesar Chavez in Austin on a bright and sunny day in January. We purposely kept it on the DL because this was very much a "work out the kinks" run. We sold a bunch of records and a good amount of clothes. Fernando and Brute Florist and kept the jams flowing with a groovy, funky, smooth, and exquisitely curated DJ set that lasted over 5 hours! The event was a huge success and immediately opened some new and amazing possibilities!

We're looking forward to getting more pop-ups and some DJ only gigs onto the calendar (see below!) Keep checking back here for more updates, and don't forget to scroll on down to the blog!